Our Philosophy

Providing students with the opportunity to earn a college degree is our core goal. We strive to meet the needs of working and underserved students with flexible scheduling, faculty with real-world knowledge and a consistent and effective curriculum design that helps make higher education accessible to everyone.

Accessibility to higher education

We don’t require students to provide standardized college entrance exam scores or essay submissions for admission.

Flexible scheduling

Our flexible class schedules allow you to get started right away and enroll year-round - instead of operating on a semester or quarter time frame.

Practitioner faculty

Our faculty members bring more than an advanced degree to the classroom. They bridge the gap between theory and practice. Faculty members are working professionals who are encouraged to stay current in their professions and participate in academic and scholarly activities.

Centralized curriculum design

Our degree programs are designed to provide a quality education based on relevant and effective learning. Our college Deans and select faculty members collaborate to create each program based on specific objectives for student outcomes.

Our colleges

School of Business

College of Education

School of Advanced Studies

College of Health Professions

College of Humanities and Sciences

College of Security and Criminal Justice

College of Information Systems and Technology

College of Social Sciences

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