University of Phoenix Responds to San Jose Mercury News

June 25, 2007
Letter to the Editor

The inaccurate front page Mercury News story from June 23, 2007 regarding the University of Phoenix features the four-year-old allegations of two former disgruntled employees in a case that has been twice dismissed by the courts.

Reporter Lisa Krieger’s story does a disservice to the hundreds of thousands of students who have benefited from a University of Phoenix education. While the overwhelming majority of our employees and students tell positive stories, Ms. Krieger included only the voices of an unhappy minority. The result was a biased, yet admittedly more salacious, article.

Additionally, Ms. Krieger simply got many of her facts wrong. For example, merit-based salaries for recruiters are perfectly acceptable and it’s deeply irresponsible to suggest the University could be bankrupted by this baseless lawsuit.

Travis Allen
Bay Area Campus Director, University of Phoenix
7901 Stoneridge Dr., Pleasanton, CA 94588

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