Private Sector Higher Education

About 40 percent of college students in the United States are adults who must work while attending school. Additionally, only about 17 percent of college students can be classified as “traditional” – that is, attending college full-time, living on-campus and being financially supported by their parents. Private sector universities exist because they are often the only institutions that can provide students with the necessary access and flexibility.

Private sector universities have transformed the landscape of higher education by repeatedly introducing innovations that improve education delivery and access. The private sector model allows a much more nimble response to emerging market forces and provides students, many of whom are working adults or single parents, with flexible learning options, such as online classes and alternate schedules.

However, not all private sector education is the same. There are only a small number of accredited private sector universities, while there are thousands of private sector vocational and technical schools. Research has shown that private sector universities have the same interests and concerns as their non-profit counterparts and have little in common with vocational and technical schools. Research has also shown that private sector institutions have strong socially formed missions similar to those found at traditional colleges and universities.

University of Phoenix is one of a handful of institutions of higher learning completely devoted to providing access to higher education for working students. Our social commitment is to identify the individual and collective societal needs, then design innovative educational programs that will meet those needs. Faculty and staff are committed to helping students become productive in their professions and achieve personal and professional growth. University of Phoenix’s innovative teaching and learning model provides these students with the flexibility to further their education and advance their careers.

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