University of Phoenix Responds to FRONTLINE


Jerry Blake

Bachelor of Science in Business/Management

“The education has already helped me perform as a manager. It has developed my people skills, critical thinking skills and ability to identify and solve problems. I’ve already applied many of the management techniques I learned to my job.”

Monica Thompson

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

“My University of Phoenix education has improved my leadership, communication and critical thinking skills. It’s given me the ability to recognize when changes need to be made and the knowledge to make those changes.”

Mike Casey

Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

“The thing I like about my program is that it’s a practitioner-based degree. This degree program is definitely for business people who want to make an impact on their organization. We’re expected to take the knowledge we learn here and apply it to our organizations.”

Brandi Burg

Associate of Arts in Business

 “What I have learned in my classes, I am already using in my job. It’s made me more knowledgeable on important subjects such as international business, cultural diversity, quality control, project management and information technology.”