University of Phoenix Foundation

Working hand-in-hand with the University’s overall mission, the University of Phoenix Foundation was established to increase access to education, especially for underrepresented and low-income students. Through grants to non-profit, tax-exempt public charities, the Foundation makes education not only a possible, but a probable, goal.

Increasing access to education—for all students

Dr. John Sperling, founder of University of Phoenix, pioneered accessible education for the working student over 30 years ago. Inspired by the life-changing power of education, Dr. Sperling established the Foundation in 2006. By reaching out to charities that support programs ranging from school readiness among at-risk students to improving educational opportunities for underrepresented students, the Foundation helps provide a pathway to economic advancement.

Other ways we give

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility office we utilize scholarships, volunteerism, in-kind services and community support to remove barriers to higher education and help ensure healthy, vibrant and prospering communities.

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