Education partnership: Antelope Valley College and University of Phoenix

When you work in higher education administration

… learning new skills isn’t an option — it’s a necessity

Academic and government regulations change all the time, and higher education administrators will need the right skills to address shifts in policy as they arise. That’s why Antelope Valley College has partnered with University of Phoenix, to offer access to degree programs that prepare you to address new regulations and help you pursue a leadership role.

Lead outside the classroom

Community colleges face a shortage of administrators. In fact, jobs in this field are expected to grow 19 percent by 2020 as aging provosts, deans and other staff members retire. Not only that, but approximately 6.3 million jobs will require a bachelor’s degree by 2020, which could lead to increased student enrollment. By giving you the skills you need to advance professionally, Antelope Valley College develops the leaders it needs to address these issues and grow academically.

Classes available when you need them

Your schedule is often as hectic as the schedules of the students you serve. Fortunately, University of Phoenix offers degree programs in business, information technology, security and other areas online and at locations nationwide — so helping others reach their academic goals doesn’t have to prevent you from reaching yours.

Learn from other leaders

At University of Phoenix, we believe in using real-world scenarios to educate students. That’s why many of our instructors in the School of Business work as C-suite executives, managers and directors, so you can lead by their examples.

Stay current in your field by studying topics in business, information technology and security.

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Develop a deeper understanding of core business concepts, or lead the way community colleges think about IT.

Shape administrative policy and curricula, position yourself as a leader in core business areas or innovate in information technology.

Apply relevant work, life and professional training to your degree program — at less than half the regular cost per credit. Learn more by visiting our Prior Learning Assessment page.

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Save on tuition

Take advantage of 10% off the cost of tuition when you enroll in any degree program, certificate or individual course at University of Phoenix.

College of Information Systems & Technology

With the right computer skills, you can build better databases for student records or make online class registration smoother.

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For your instructors

Position yourself as a leader in education, administration or curricula with a doctoral degree from the School of Advanced Studies.