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Gwinnett Learning Center

Although this location is no longer accepting new enrollments, you can still enroll for an online program or at the DeKalb Learning Center, which is the nearest location in your area. Current students will continue on-site instruction.

Attend University of Phoenix in Duluth, Georgia

The University of Phoenix Gwinnett Learning Center in Duluth, Georgia caters to adults who need to balance their educational needs with professional and family commitments. If you're thinking about changing jobs or want to advance within your current company, you might be considering going back to school to earn your bachelor's or master's degree. This University of Phoenix location in Georgia largely focuses on business and nursing degrees, but it also offers degree programs in technology, psychology and criminal justice.

We’re open from 1 pm - 10 pm Monday through Thursday and Fridays from 1 pm - 5 pm.

Inside the Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting program at the Gwinnett Learning Center in Duluth, Georgia

One degree available at the Gwinnett Learning Center is the Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting. You can take this class through our Online Campus, which means you will receive your course materials via the Internet to learn at your own pace. You can also attend class at a nearby campus once per week. In either case, you are required to complete 66 credits that will teach you the fundamentals of accounting and business, as well as sharpen your communication, critical thinking and technological skills.

This accounting degree is comprised of 22 classes, each lasting approximately five weeks. However, you will only take one class at a time. Not only is this a much easier class load if you have a demanding schedule--or if you've been away from the classroom for an extended period of time--but it allows you to focus and get the most out of each class before you move on to the next.

The bachelor's degree programs in criminal justice and nursing at the Gwinnett Learning Center work in much the same way: flexible, manageable class loads and a wide range of courses taught by highly skilled instructors. Although students tackle one class at a time, many driven individuals have completed their bachelor's degrees in about two years, with continuous enrollment.

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