Some people see a world full of problems. We see a world full of opportunities to rise. All it takes is more
people with the right education and a hunger to make a difference.
Someone like you. Will you rise?
Let’s Close the Skills Gap
America needs more people educated in these key areas.
Let’s make it happen and help the world rise.

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VISUAL: World infographic VO: Many problems in the world happen just because there aren’t enough people with the skills to solve them. VISUAL: Icons pop up in the world showing problems. Lack of health care, the water crisis, domestic violence, cyber-bullying, workplace discrimination. We see an illustration of a hospital room. Patients waiting for nurses. VO: See that overcrowded hospital room? That’s because more Boomers than ever need specialized care, and our health care system is unprepared. VISUAL: Illustration of someone pouring a glass of water – it’s brown. VO: See that brown tap water? That’s because there are 10 million lead pipes in America, and not enough qualified water treatment professionals. VISUAL: Skills we have --- SKILLS GAP --- Skills we need VO: When the world needs skills that not enough people have, that’s a skills gap. Look around. They’re everywhere. VISUAL: Timeline back to the 70s, stock footage of people going to college in bell bottoms. VO: It all started back in the 1970s when more and more people started going to college – but a culture developed of getting degrees for status, instead of getting degrees for skill. VISUAL: USA #1 to #16 VO: Our education became less relevant. Our country fell behind. And we became less able to deal with the world around us. This trend continues today. VISUAL: The word ‘PROBLEM’ changes to ‘OPPORTUNITY’ VO: It’s a big problem. But it’s also a big opportunity. We just have to get people the education they need, so those gaps can be closed. VISUAL: The same icons we saw earlier get better – clean water, nurse with patient, etc. VO: Pretty simple, right? More education  more people equipped to deal with problems  fewer problems  better world for everyone. VISUAL: Visualization of a better world VO: This isn’t just wishful thinking. This is possible. To find an opportunity, just find a problem. Here are a few areas where the world needs help right now. VISUAL: Long scrolling list of job titles: health care administration, water treatment, cyber security, diversity in leadership, innovation, etc. VO: America has four million job openings. The only question is, who’s going to fill them? Find your opportunity to rise. VISUAL: #WeRise

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Help solve the health care needs of a generation

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

HCS548: Foundations of Gerontology


Help prevent an American water crisis

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

ENV350: Water And Wastewater Treatment Technology


Help end childhood obesity

Bachelor of Science in Health Administration

HCS457: Public And Community Health


Help ensure adequate mental health care for all

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

BSHS485: Advocacy and Creating Social Change


Help cultivate diversity in corporate leadership

Master of Business Administration

LDR531: Organizational Leadership


Help stop terrorism and cyberterrorism

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an Advanced Cyber Security Certificate

CMGT433: Cyber Security


Bachelor of Science in Security Management

SEC461: Terrorism