Adaptive learning tools

Adaptive learning tools: Most things in life aren't one-size-fits-all

Most things in life aren’t one-size-fits-all

Why should your education be any different? University of Phoenix understands your needs. That’s why we provide tools that cater to you and keep you on track to graduate. Below, learn about two of them: Knowledge Check and Step-by-Step Math Review.

Step-by-Step Math Review

Step-by-Step Math Review

Haven’t had a math class in years? Need a refresher? Our Step-by-Step Math Review is your solution. Students who used Step-by-Step Math Review performed better in their math classes, on average, than students who did not use the service.

Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check

In some courses, you’ll receive a personal study guide that covers the concepts you missed and shows you the course materials you need to study. Your instructor can also use this information to create review materials tailored to you.

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter education. Our suite of personalized learning software guarantees you instant access to resources that can help turn your weaknesses into strengths. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With a team of advisors to guide you, flexible course delivery options and multiple ways to afford your degree, you can get the degree you need — for the career you want.

Discover how a customized education can help you reach your goals — speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Math shouldn’t be a problem

The numbers will add up. A new resource in the Center for Mathematics Excellence can boost your confidence — and your course grades.


Want to build your confidence for your upcoming math course? Need some extra practice? Step-by-Step Math Review offers a simple and engaging way to review important pre-algebra concepts in a relaxed environment.

Best of all, Step-by-Step Math Review really works! Students who used Step-by-Step Math Review performed better in their math courses, on average, than students who did not use the resource.


The longer you've been away from a formal math course the more benefit there is to using tools like the Step-by-Step Math Review.


It was a great introduction to help get over math anxiety. I ended up making an A in both of my math courses.

Each of the fourteen islands in Step-by-Step Math Review represents a pre- algebra topic. Click on the arrows to find a topic, and then click on an island to begin.

For best results, spend a little time each week reviewing topics. Step-by- Step Math Review is loaded with special features to help you learn. Have fun!

Learning Tools

There are lots of learning tools to help you on your way.

Each section has a Lesson page. A Lesson is like a mini-textbook with explanations, examples, and key terms specifically for this concept.

You'll find interactive tools on the Lesson page.

These interactive animations are a fun way to get a new perspective on a mathematical concept.

Every section begins with a Step-by-Step Example. You'll be guided through solving a typical problem from the section. The Step-by-Step Example is an easy way to get started even if you don't remember some of the math.

Once you're done, you can always come back to the Step-by-Step Example by clicking the 'Step-by-Step' button. Your work here will help you review if you get stuck.

There are many other learning tools available, so take your time and explore!

Hints and Feedback

Stuck on a problem? Click the 'Hint' button at any time. You'll receive help based on where you are on the problem and what you've done already.

Sometimes you get hints automatically. The system is smart enough to know what type of mistake you've made. Here, I made an error entering my answer. Instead of merely marking my response as wrong, the system gave me a clue on why I made the mistake. Now I can correct my error and move on.


At the top of every problem there are dials which show your progress on the skills in this section.

Every time you answer part of a problem, your progress updates. Here, I entered a correct answer, and immediately two of my dials increased.

I entered some more answers. One of my skills went down because I made a mistake - but that's okay, because I'll have plenty of chances to increase that skill. When all the dials are green, I will have mastered the section.

Click on the dials to see a description of the skills. This helps you understand what you should concentrate on as you work on the next problem. Your learning experience is personalized for you and continually adapts to fit your current knowledge. You will receive exactly the right exercises and all the practice you need to master each skill.

Fluency Games

Some topics have special games that help you become more fluent in an important mathematical concept.

Each game is different. As you play the game you'll learn more about a particular mathematical topic. Have fun!

Live Tutoring

Enrolled students have access to live coaching from math experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Center for Mathematics Excellence. You can join a group of students or enter a one-on-one tutoring session. There is no charge for this service and you can use it as much as you need to help build your skills and confidence.

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