Puerto Rico Campus Law 7 Agreement


University of Phoenix’s Puerto Rico campus signs articulation agreement with the Human Resources and Occupational Development Council to assist all those affected by Law 7

University of Phoenix’s Puerto Rico campus signed an articulation agreement recently with the Human Resources and Occupational Development Council enabling those affected by public sector layoffs to have their government work experience, training and certificates evaluated for college credit toward University of Phoenix’s undergraduate degree programs.

We believe our social responsibility in this difficult period, where unemployment has reached more than 15 percent in Puerto Rico, is to offer our expertise in helping professionals redefine themselves and improve their skill sets.  In doing so, we hope to save future students both time and money.

"Education Vouchers offered by Law 7"

According to Law 7, all government employees affected are eligible to receive an educational voucher, which may be applied to any of our degree programs.  The voucher payment system has been streamlined for rapid access.  University of Phoenix finance and admissions advisors have been trained to answer your specific concerns or questions. 

Why University of Phoenix

In Puerto Rico, University of Phoenix has made higher education accessible for the working professional for more than 30 years.  We understand the educational needs of the aspiring, working adult and have helped more than 10,000 graduates on the island meet the challenges of balancing family, work and finances – all while earning their degrees and achieving their professional goals. 

We want our proven and unparalleled student services to be a professional and seamless experience for you.  We have the expertise as an education provider for 30 years, to help make your enrollment-to-graduation experience pleasant and memorable.  

You and the University of Phoenix will be building your future with additional skills that are bound to make you more competitive in the labor market.  And when you graduate, you will know that you have benefited from the university’s fine reputation for the past 30 years in Puerto Rico -- and can then experience success as one of the university’s 10,000+ proud graduates.    

Credit for Prior Learning

We recognize that learning occurs outside of the classroom, and because of this University of Phoenix uses the Prior Learning Assessment process to help you potentially turn your prior trainings and certifications into college credits. These credits can help you toward your goal of completing an undergraduate degree program.

The Prior Learning Assessment Process at University of Phoenix

  1. Call the University of Phoenix  (787.731.5400)  and discuss the degree programs you may be interested in studying.
  2. Discuss with your counselor the option for using your prior learning experiences and how they may apply toward your degree.
  3. Allow your counselor to help you review your prior learning experience and gather all your important academic records from previous university schooling.
  4. Once you start your undergraduate degree program, your Academic counselor will assist you in submitting your credentials so that they may be reviewed and potentially applied toward your degree, saving you valuable time and money.

About University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix is constantly innovating to help students balance education and life in a rapidly changing world. Through flexible schedules, challenging courses, and interactive learning, students achieve personal and career aspirations without putting their lives on hold. 

With academic and financial advisors on site, both Puerto Rico Campuses in Guaynabo and Carolina are prepared to meet the needs of new and continuing studnets Enrollment, academic and financial representatives are here to help and walk in assistance is welcome.

As a resource to students, the campuses also include a Student Resource Center and Library. Both facilities are equipped with computer and printing stations, wireless Internet access, and workshop schedules designed for students. 

You will attend evening classes just once a week, and meet weekly with your learning team, a small group of classmates who work together to complete assignments. You’ll take just one course at a time which enables you to study each subject in-depth. Courses last five or six weeks and you can enroll at any time, so you can begin your degree program right away.

For more information visit www.phoenix.edu/puertorico.

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