Faculty Council

Members of the Faculty Council in the College of Security and Criminal Justice are instructors and subject matter experts in their respective fields and provide valuable insight for the development of new degree programs and concentrations. Many individuals also serve as leaders in the professional associations that accredit and renew educational standards for this discipline. As such, they are readily available to provide feedback on industry-related changes that might impact our academic offerings. Serving two-year appointments, our council members have been instrumental in helping forge industry-specific, business-to-business relationships for the College.

College of Security and Criminal Justice Faculty Council members:

Dan Barry, MA, Ethics and Policy Studies (Campus College Chair, Las Vegas) 
Criminal justice, security  

Judith Ann Brodsky, MPA (Arizona)
Criminal justice, public administration

Steve Campas, MS, Emergency Service Management (Campus College Chair, Sacramento)
Criminal justice

Lisa Corprew, MM/PA (Campus College Chair, Online)
Criminal justice

Rick Ferrell, MA (Maryland)
Criminal justice, strategic intelligence

Reginald Grigsby, MAOM (Campus College Chair, Phoenix)
Criminal justice 

Mark Logan, MEd (Virginia)
Criminal justice, government, security

Timothy J. Manzke, PhD (Wisconsin)
Criminal justice

Claudio Morales, MAOM (Campus College Chair, El Paso)
Criminal justice

Stephen A. Morreale, DPA (Massachusetts)
Criminal justice, public administration

Raymond Rawlins, MS Information Systems (Campus College Chair, San Diego)
Criminal justice, information security

David Kenneth Waldman, PhD (Maryland)
Public administration