National Police Week

Honoring the thin blue line - and the heroes who protect us every day

As a police officer, you’ve vowed to be part of the line that separates anarchy from civilized society, order from chaos. It’s a thin blue line that represents the precarious balance between service and sacrifice.

The goal at the end of watch is to be with your loved ones. Unfortunately, in 2013, 107 law enforcement officers lost their lives on the job. In your own lifetime, you may not experience a city sidewalk full of people cheering for you and shouting their gratitude. But you can — and should — take pride in knowing that an entire nation depends on your courage and professionalism.

(Photo) James Ness
“We wish to express our thanks to all police officers for their selfless service to our communities — and to honor our heroes who have lost their lives in the line of duty. They will live forever in our hearts and thoughts.”

James Ness, PhD, dean of the College of Criminal Justice and Security, former police chief and investigator

National Police Week, May 11–17, serves to remind us all just how much we count on your dedication to your job. At the University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice and Security, we are privileged to be part of your educational journey and career path.

Police Week events

Celebrations and memorial services are being held throughout the country and in Washington, D.C. Please check with your local campus for more details about events in your community.

El Centro, CA Campus
Friday, May 16

Phoenix, AZ Main Campus
Saturday, May 17

Sacramento, CA Campus
Friday, May 9

San Diego, CA Campus
Saturday, May 17

Ontario, CA Campus
Tuesday, May 13


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