School of Nursing Program Outcomes

As a nurse on the front lines of health care, you understand how the increasing complexity and acuity of care required by your patients and communities demand higher levels of skill and knowledge. Our accredited Nursing degree programs are designed to help you meet the complex challenges of health care today—and prepare you to lead change for the future.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program Outcomes

Through the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, you’ll build your skills and expand your role as a professional nurse leader. Using the framework of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring and Benner’s model of professional practice, you’ll examine ethical values, cultural diversity issues and how to integrate nursing knowledge into health promotion and disease management. You’ll also explore the nurse’s role as part of an effective health care team.

As a BSN graduate, you will:

  • Integrate ethical values and respect for cultural diversity in patient-centered care
  • Integrate nursing knowledge, theories and processes to provide safe patient-centered care
  • Use health promotion and disease management principles that integrate nursing knowledge in safe patient care
  • Integrate professional roles as designers, managers and coordinators of safe patient care

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program Outcomes

Building on the experience and education of a bachelor’s–prepared nurse, the Master of Science in Nursing degree program integrates theoretical/conceptual foundations from multiple disciplines into nursing practice, education, and research. This conceptual framework guides the development of critical thinking skills, evidence-based therapeutic interventions, and techniques for communicating with individuals, families, and communities. Our MSN program prepares nursing professionals to take on leadership roles as administrators, educators, and clinicians. Graduates serve as advocates in a variety of settings through collaborative and consultative relationships to improve nursing and health care delivery and to influence health policy.

As an MSN graduate, you will:

  • Apply critical thinking and clinical judgment principles to improve quality and safety of patient care
  • Synthesize leadership principles in evaluation of health care delivery systems and organizational structure
  • Integrate scientific evidence and innovations into nursing practice to improve patient and population health outcomes
  • Synthesize advanced nursing knowledge to influence professional practice in a variety of settings and roles
  • Demonstrate entry-level competency into advanced practice in the area of FNP (FNP specialization only)

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