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An Open Letter to Educators

For the first time in our nation’s history, the American workforce is in danger of being less educated than the generation before. The impending retirement of the baby boom generation will create a gap in the supply of highly skilled professionals—a gap that we cannot fill unless we increase access to higher education.

America needs to provide access to the large contingent of talented, hardworking people who want to better themselves, but who have been shut out of higher education because of their real-life responsibilities.

They are moms and dads.

They are soldiers and nurses and teachers.

They are executives and IT professionals.

They deserve a chance and America needs them to succeed.

Now is the time to hear their stories. That’s why University of Phoenix is launching our “I am a Phoenix” campaign. As the largest private university in North America, with more than 380,000 students, we are graduating nurses, teachers, technology workers and other professionals to help meet our nation’s growing demand for more highly skilled workers.

After 30 years of investing and innovating in higher education, we’ve developed a network of campuses and distance-learning technologies that provide a balanced approach to learning, enabling students to earn a degree while meeting their responsibilities at work and home.

We immerse students in small, multicultural teams scattered across the globe, working toward common goals. We provide them with the tools to succeed so they can communicate effectively, think critically and understand how best to manage information and technology. We believe this process creates tech-savvy, collaborative learners who are well prepared to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.

It is critical that all of us in higher education rise to the challenge and provide access to more, not fewer, people. Our country’s future depends on it.

Take a minute to visit iamaphoenix.com, where you will find the stories of many University of Phoenix students who have overcome the odds to earn their degrees. I’m confident they will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me. Thank you.

Dr. William J. Pepicello

President, University of Phoenix

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