About the College of Social Sciences

The College of Social Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that help you develop personally and professionally. Whether your goal is to serve or support your community, you’ll focus on a relevant degree program in Counseling, Human Services or Psychology.

Develop Real-World Knowledge of Social Science

The College of Social Sciences is one of our Arts and Sciences colleges at University of Phoenix. Our curricula are designed in collaboration with industry experts.

Our Social Sciences programs are taught by faculty who are out there working in the field, so each day in class is like on-the-job training. Whether you’re studying counseling, human services or psychology, you’re learning what you need to know to work in the real world.

Social Science Degree Programs

Leave your mark in your community. Choose a degree program that provides you with the skill set to serve and protect those in need. From security to counseling, there are many ways to make an impact in the lives of others.


We offer Counseling options in the Master of Science in Counseling program, with specializations in Community Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, and School Counseling. Your course curriculum is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed by competent, ethical professionals.

Human Services

In our undergraduate Human Services programs, the Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Bachelor of Science in Human Services/Management, you receive a solid foundation in behavioral and social theory. You’ll also gain the skills needed for effective delivery of professional client services or management of human services organizations.


The bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Psychology teach you the cognitive and affective processes that underlie behavior, as well as the critical-thinking, research and problem-solving skills necessary to evaluate behavior.

Think on a Higher Level

Our Mission Statement
The College of Social Sciences provides innovative educational programs designed to enhance the core knowledge, skills and values essential for students seeking to achieve their academic and professional goals in the social sciences field.

We’re here to challenge your thinking. Expand your mind and develop skills and knowledge that are relevant in today's rapidly changing world. Your education will provide a solid foundation for future learning, can enhance the development of analytical thinking, problem solving and independent thinking, and give you a wider perspective of beliefs and ideas.

As a Social Sciences student, you’ll find a personalized support network. Graduation Team members are dedicated to answering your questions about enrollment, academics and finance from the day you start class to the day you earn your diploma. After you choose a program, check with your Enrollment Representative to make sure it’s available in your state.

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