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Downtown San Diego Learning Center

(Photo) Downtown San Diego Learning Center

Attend University of Phoenix in San Diego, California

California's University of Phoenix Downtown San Diego Learning Center is a great option for those who want to attend school while working and managing family and personal responsibilities. The University of Phoenix mission is to provide educational opportunities in a convenient format that allows students to balance their current commitments and their goals for the future.

The Downtown San Diego Learning Center offers open enrollment, so students can begin their courses of study at their convenience, rather than waiting for a semester to begin. This is just one of the unique elements that reflect the University's dedication to a flexible and quality education. On-campus classes at University of Phoenix in California meet just once a week, on a schedule that takes working students' schedules into account.

Degree programs at the Downtown San Diego Learning Center in San Diego, California

The Downtown San Diego Learning Center offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs in a various fields, from criminal justice to nursing and business to education. Many programs are offered in a variety of online and on-campus formats. Courses are developed by academic professionals, often working in tandem with industry professionals, to ensure quality, relevance and rigor. Faculty members hold advanced degrees in their fields and have a wealth of real-world experience to share with their students.

If you would like to begin work towards your first college degree or earn an advanced degree, University of Phoenix offers the convenience and flexibility you may need. We've been helping students like you for more than 30 years.

Programs We Offer

Program offerings are subject to change and may not be available in both online and on-campus formats.

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1230 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA, 92101-0110
Toll-Free: 800.473.4346


School Performance Fact Sheets

Additional information about each of the degree programs offered at our California locations  is now available.

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