Disability Services

We believe education should be accessible to everyone. If you have temporary health issues or a permanent disability, we have services to help meet your needs.

The University of Phoenix Disability Services Office provides services to students with temporary health issues or permanent disabilities. You can learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply for accommodations through this office. We’re here to assist you in a timely manner, regardless of location or modality of your course of study.

After you complete the application process, a Disability Services Advisor will work with you to determine your eligibility and identify what types of accommodations are available. We will not disclose health issues or specific diagnoses. It’s your choice whether to disclose your health information to faculty members or classmates.

If you require assistance during an emergency situation, you must self-disclose this need to a Disability Services Advisor. The advisor — in conjunction with the Campus Security Authority — should develop a personal emergency plan for you, including specific notification and evacuation procedures, regardless of whether you intend to apply for or receive classroom accommodations.

Accommodations and eligibility

Learn about the accommodations that may be available if you qualify for disability services.

Application process

Get started on the application process by completing the required paperwork and contacting your Disability Services Advisor.

Medical documentation

The application process requires medical documentation of your disability that reflects your current condition. Please follow up with your Disability Services Advisor if you have further questions.

Frequently asked questions

We have answers to common questions you may have about disability services or the accommodations process.

Disability Services Office contact information

Find your dedicated Disability Services Advisor.

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Transition to College

(PDF) Transitioning from High School to College PDF

We've compiled some helpful advice to assist you with the transition from high school to college through the Disability Services Office.