Accounting Information Systems –


(3 credits)

Accountants today have put aside paper and pencil and taken advantage of advances in technology. Specialized software has made accounting transactions and reporting more dynamic and efficient. In this course, students explore the role of accounting information systems in organizations. The course covers the different types of accounting systems used for the collection, organization, and presentation of information. Using accounting software, students learn how accounting information systems assist management in decision-making processes. The course also emphasizes the internal controls that should be included in an accounting information system.
This undergraduate-level course is 9 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Accounting Software

  • Identify different types of accounting software.
  • Explain factors to consider when choosing accounting software.

Getting Started

  • Identify the differences between manual and computerized accounting.
  • Perform back up and restore functions.

Vendor and Customer Transactions

  • Apply the five steps used to complete a vendor transaction.
  • Analyze vendor credit memos.
  • Complete the four basic accounts receivable tasks.
  • Analyze customer credit memos.


  • Illustrate the steps to set up payroll accounting.
  • Input payroll data for employees.

Inventory, Internal Controls and Job Costs

  • Explain the purpose of the charts of accounts.
  • Perform inventory functions.
  • Discuss the importance of internal controls and audit trails.
  • Apply the job cost system to purchases, sales, and payroll.

Financial Statements

  • Explain the purpose of financial statements.
  • Interpret information found on the different financial statements.

Time and Billing

  • Differentiate between time tickets and expense tickets.
  • Complete the four steps of the time and billing feature.

Closing Activities

  • Record financial information for a sample company.
  • Explain how source documents are used.

Using Sage 50 Complete

  • Perform quarterly adjustments for a sample company.
  • Discuss how to close the fiscal year.

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