Dealing With Challenging Customer Interactions – bsceu1015 (0 credits)

Customer service representatives and client-facing employees often find themselves faced with challenging customer situations. It is helpful to be equipped with proven strategies to effectively resolve such situations. In this course, students will explore methods to deal with common customer interactions, which may be difficult. Students will focus on establishing a solid customer relationship, overcoming communication issues, and resolving conflict. This course provides 0.8 continuing education units in two, 4-hour workshops. The tuition for this course is $480.

This non-credit course is 2 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Establishing a Solid Customer Relationship

  • Examine the basics of customer service
  • Identify a difficult situation
  • Identify simultaneous customer contacts via multiple modalities
  • Explore common difficult customer interactions

Overcoming Communication Issues and Resolving Challenging Situations

  • Identify ways to adapt to the customer's personality style
  • Identify customer issues
  • Examine how to overcome common communication issues
  • Examine how to educate the customer and help the customer focus on the issue
  • Identify how to overcome customer negativity to a potential solution
  • Explore how to redirect the customer and how to follow-up on a challenging situation

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