Program Development And Evaluation –


(3 credits)

This course prepares the student to identify operational goals and to design programs with associated policies and procedures required for the successful achievement of performance objectives.

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Program Maintenance and Change Process

  • Evaluate the importance of effective communication during program development maintenance and changes.

  • Explain quality control criteria and effective monitoring strategies used to evaluate all aspects of personnel performance and program operations.

  • Describe the significance and value of a system whereby stakeholders can submit regular concerns or recommendations regarding program maintenance.

  • Assess the repetition process necessary for needs assessment and program development changes.

Conducting the Program Evaluation

  • Assess the relevance of feedback from stakeholders in response to evaluation reports.

  • Describe the preparation and presentation of evaluation results.

  • Evaluate ethical issues that impact the practice of program evaluation, the relationship between ethical practices, methods of data collection and analysis, and reporting on program evaluation.

  • Analyze data using qualitative and quantitative methods in accordance with the program evaluation plan.

Problem Identification and Needs Assessment

  • Identify methods for collecting and analyzing data.

  • Compare subjective and objective information criteria when determining the magnitude of a given problem and the resulting human and fiscal impact.

  • Apply concepts of participatory management to involve key personnel in identifying problems and organizational needs.

  • Conduct cause and effect analyses.

Program Evaluation Design

  • Prepare a comprehensive program evaluation plan.

  • Compare process and outcome evaluations to explain the significance of internal and external program evaluations.

  • Distinguish between process and outcome evaluation.

  • Determine the system for sampling.

  • Develop data collection methods.

  • Assess development criteria and processes for program evaluation.

Program Development and Implementation

  • Identify sources of funding and budget support and evaluate the necessary process to solicit, review, and respond to feedback for the program.

  • Identify training requirements, materials, and assignments needed for key personnel.

  • Evaluate the implementation plan and timeframe needed for a given program and determine the education and experience requirements necessary for key positions.

  • Analyze the written policies, procedures, and job descriptions necessary for implementing and conducting a specified program. 

Program Conceptualization and Design

  • Evaluate the organization and effective utilization of teams necessary to promote diversity in perspectives.

  • Analyze the design, organization, and prioritization of proposed program elements and objectives necessary for the achievement of specified outcomes pertaining to program mission statement and supporting principles.    

  • Prepare a program mission statement and supporting principles, as well as program justifications needed for administrative approval.

  • Identify methods for receiving and acting upon concerns and complaints.     

  • Determine resources needed to implement program design.

  • Design program elements to address causal factors.

  • Identify data to be collected for problem identification.

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