Is Integration – cmgt583 (3 credits)

This course will focus on the integration of the IS function and the information technology architecture within the enterprise. The alignment of IT with the strategy of the organization will be examined considering the decisions related to information technology architecture

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Role of IT Leadership

  • Describe some attributes of CIOs that contribute to their effectiveness.
  • Describe several attributes that differentiate leaders from IT managers.
  • Evaluate the role played by IT systems that serve various levels of management in a business and their relationship to each other.
  • Describe the elements that create successful partnerships between business management and systems management.

Strategic Alignment

  • Describe effective strategies IT management may use to work in harmony with business and still maintain its competitive edge.
  • Describe methods used to integrate new IT technologies into business.
  • Identify various strengths and weaknesses of new IT technologies, and how they impact business operations.

Vendor Strategies and Evaluation of Program Integration

  • Identify the various reasons IT management may choose strategic outsourcing partnerships.
  • Describe methods of integration for vendor strategies in IT and business.
  • Analyze the differences among developing software in-house, outsourcing various pieces, and purchasing it from an ASP, including strengths and weaknesses of each.

Measuring Value

  • Evaluate models for assessing the business value of IS.
  • Describe why standard business financial ratios and measurements are not effective indicators of IT performance.

Emerging Technology and the Future of IT

  • Explain the evolution and current state of trends in IT.
  • Describe how IT is reshaping organizations of today.
  • Describe the role of new technologies and how they continue to impact business.

Value of IT to an Organization

  • Describe the critical elements that make up business and IT organizations in the current technology evolution.
  • Describe the links and activities between business strategy and IT strategy that demonstrate the value of information.
  • Compare and contrast business processes with their relationship to IS.
  • Assess the complementary assets required for IT to provide value to a business.

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