Creativity And Communication – com420 (3 credits)

Creativity is described as a process leading to products or processes that are novel, useful, and meaningful. As a result, the designation of creative is inextricably tied up with the process of communicating. This course examines contemporary models of communication. Practical application of these theoretical constructs to the development and enhancement of one's creativity is one of the primary focuses of the course.

This undergraduate-level course is 5 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

The Psychology of Creativity

  • Analyze the creative personality.
  • Assess the interaction of creativity and self-control.
  • Evaluate means of fostering creative personality traits.

Creativity, Communication, and Critical Thinking

  • Evaluate the relationship between creativity and critical thinking.
  • Assess the role of creativity in problem solving.
  • Explain theories about creative cognitive processes.

Creativity, Communication, and Fostering Creative Thinking

  • Assess the inter-relationship between creativity and communication.
  • Explain creativity training and development.

The Nature of Creativity

  • Identify the components of creativity.
  • Summarize the history of the key concepts of creativity.

Components of Creativity

  • Explain the Four P's of Creativity.
  • Assess the impact of family and society on the development of a creative person.
  • Critique the role of personal psychology in creativity.

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