Introduction To Educational Research – edd570 (2 credits)

This course focuses on the foundations of educational research. The purpose of research as it impacts decision-making and educational practices will be explored. Students will be introduced to the various elements of an action research project, including problem and purpose statements, writing style, literature review, research design, data collection, and data analyses. The steps involved in the process of conducting research will be discussed.

This graduate-level course is 4 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Action Research

  • Identify the basic steps in developing an action research plan.
  • Examine the elements of an effective Action Research Proposal Outline and Planning Matrix.
  • Identify the components of the Action Research Handbook.
  • Analyze the requirements of the University's sequential research courses.

Educational Research

  • Identify the purpose of research as it impacts decision-making and educational practices.
  • Examine various approaches to conducting educational research.
  • Examine the elements that differentiate qualitative from quantitative research.
  • Analyze various sources for research ideas.

APA Editorial Format

  • Recognize the APA editorial format as it relates to writing a formal research proposal.

Literature Reviews

  • Examine scholarly literature to document research problems and solutions.
  • Differentiate between primary and secondary literature sources.
  • Identify the elements of an effective literature review.
  • Analyze the steps involved in conducting an online literature review.

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