Action Research – edd577 (3 credits)

In this course, students learn the basic steps required to write an action research project proposal. Students complete a basic sentence outline and Chapters I through IV of an action research project proposal. The proposal includes an introduction, documentation of the problem, a review of the literature, a recommended solution strategy, and methods for analyzing results.

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Construction of Chapters III and IV of the ARP Proposal

  • Select appropriate statistical tests for analysis of data.
  • Identify the solution strategy of the action research project as supported by the literature.
  • Develop a full-sentence outline for the ARP for Chapters III and IV.
  • Relate the problem statement to the goals and expected outcomes of the action research project to ensure alignment.

Assembling the ARP Proposal

  • Construct the front matter—title page and table of contents—and the back matter—references and appendices—of the ARP proposal.
  • Review APA formatting and style.

Construction of Chapters I and II of the ARP Proposal

  • Construct an effective literature review for an action research outline.
  • Develop a full-sentence outline for the ARP for Chapters I and II.
  • Synthesize the major causes of the research problem based on the literature review and the research setting.

Finalizing the ARP Proposal

  • Evaluate progress on the ARP proposal.
  • Identify ways action research can make a difference.

Professional Presentation Skills for Researchers

  • Analyze techniques to overcome fear of public speaking.
  • Compare and contrast the elements of effective and ineffective public speaking.
  • Examine the elements of successful conference presentations.

Disseminating the ARP Proposal

  • Produce the ARP proposal.
  • Prepare an overview of the ARP proposal for presentation.

Components of the Action Research Project (ARP) Proposal

  • Develop a viable action research problem statement.
  • Select a research methodology and a research design.
  • Identify data collection methods by which research problems may be measured.

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