Financial Measures Of Value Added –


(3 credits)

This course explores and evaluates research on how businesses measure and could modify their measure of financial value in order to improve decision-making. Topics include treatment of non-traditional balance sheet items (e.g. knowledge capital); mergers and acquisitions; and how to predict success, conditions for successful joint ventures, marketplace valuation of equity, and small to mid-size business' access to contemporary capital markets.

Course Competencies

  • Develop leadership competence in financial management of an organization.
  • Evaluate the application of risk and risk management concepts to financial activities.
  • Employ statistical and other quantitative measures to management decision-making.
  • Implement strategies that work toward the goal of shareholder wealth maximization.
  • Develop research skills that support the comprehension, analysis, and evaluation of new events and circumstances in a global, fast-paced economic environment.
This graduate-level course is 8 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.
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