Statistical Applications –


(3 credits)

The emphasis in this statistical applications course is on thinking about research issues in a statistically sound and practical fashion. Students will learn to formulate and ask the right questions, how to collect data effectively, how to summarize and interpret information, and how to understand the limitations of statistical inferences.
This undergraduate-level course is 5 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Data Analysis and Measurement in Statistics

  • Describe the role of data analysis in the research process.
  • Analyze a visual display of data
  • Differentiate the four levels of measurement.
  • Choose an appropriate chart/graph for various data types.

Describing Data

  • Interpret measures of central tendency.
  • Interpret measures of variability.
  • Describe the standard normal distribution.

Inferring from Data

  • Describe the two types of errors that are present in hypothesis testing.
  • Interpret statistical significance.

Types of Statistical Techniques

  • Differentiate between parametric and nonparametric statistics.
  • Interpret the results of various types of statistical tests in health care research.

Statistical Software Application

  • Identify the benefits of using statistical software for data analysis.

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