Biological And Psychological Aspects Of Aging –


(3 credits)

This course examines the physical process of aging and the effects on physical and mental health. These topics are applied to disease prevention, health maintenance, and selected disorders that affect health and independent living. Public policy and program development issues will also be addressed to promote the health of the aging population.
This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Biology of Aging

  • Describe the theoretical framework of aging and longevity.

  • Explain the biological aspects and changes of aging.

Cognitive Aspects of Aging

  • Explain factors related to cognitive aspects of aging.
  • Describe cognitive impairments associated with aging.
  • Identify theoretical treatments and solutions to cognitive impairments.

Influences on Healthy Aging

  • Identify factors that indirectly affect healthy aging.
  • Describe changes associated with functional performance and the aging body.
  • Identify factors related to management of chronic diseases

Influences of Pharmacology and Nutrition

  • Examine the effects of pharmacology interactions.
  • Identify aspects of pharmacology management.
  • Analyze the factors related to nutritional status on aging and pharmacology interactions.

End of Life Issues

  • Explain the five stages of grief.

  • Analyze individual and societal attitudes about death and dying.

Age-Based Programs and Services

  • Examine educational programs and their effect on health promotion.
  • Describe available age-based services and discuss their effect on aging and the older adult.
  • Analyze the issues related to providing age-based programs and services.

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