Health Care Economics – hcs552 (3 credits)

This course focuses on the application of macroeconomic and microeconomic tools to the health care industry. Content includes demand management; concepts of efficiency, production, and distribution of health care services; impact of regulation and reimbursement; and economic incentives in health care. Students apply principles to a variety of business models.

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Health Care Markets, Economic Incentives, and Competition

  • Examine the effects of competitive and regulated pricing funding sources.
  • Analyze organizational interventions to minimize the impact of scarce resources and maintain market competitiveness.
  • Analyze benefits of economic incentives and competition in the health care market.

Global Implications and the Future of Health Care

  • Examine the effects of global market initiatives on the US health care delivery systems.
  • Compare and contrast the differences in expenditures for health care with middle- and high-income countries.

Overview of Health Care Economics

  • Describe key economic terms and their health care application.
  • Identify the effect of economics in the current health care environment.
  • Differentiate between the balance of funding and economic resources.

Supply Demand

  • Identify the key implications of supplier-induced demand in health care.
  • Examine the use of economic tools to forecast supply and labor needs.
  • Compare the utilization of supply to various population bases and socioeconomic factors.
  • Evaluate consumerism as a critical value in current health care delivery.
  • Describe the effects of supply resources on consumer demand.
  • Detail the concepts of production and distribution to the business of health care.

Health Care Delivery Systems

  • Describe current health care delivery structures.
  • Profile the influence of licensing and regulatory factors on health care delivery requirements.
  • Compare government and private delivery systems.

Macroeconomics and Microeconomics in Health Care

  • Discuss the utilization of microeconomic indicators within health care delivery systems.
  • Examine the macroeconomic relationship to health care resources.

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