Managing The Database Environment – it265 (3 credits)

This course provides an introduction to the installation, configuration, support, availability and recovery of databases. The considerations for database administration addressing the requirements for user access, security, backup and recovery will be covered in this course.

This undergraduate-level course is 9 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Database Administration

  • Describe DBA Tools.
  • Explain Data Administration Strategy.

Database Environment

  • Explain database standards.
  • Identify DBMS requirements.

Database Design

  • Describe how database design affects application design.
  • Explain physical and logical design.
  • Define database transactions.

Database Change Management

  • Explain database change management requirements.
  • Recognize types of database change.
  • Explain effects of database change.

Database Performance

  • Explain database optimization.
  • Explain database performance monitoring and tuning.

Database Security

  • Determine database security strategies.
  • Describe user access to the database.

Database Availability

  • Define database availability.
  • Determine cost of database availability.

Database Backup and Recovery

  • Identify database availability procedures.
  • Identify database backup and recovery procedures.

The Role of the DBA

  • Describe DBA Tasks.
  • Explain types of DBAs.

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