Java Programming – it215 (3 credits)

Java has rapidly become the language of choice for platform independent implementations. This course provides a general introduction to programming, data structures and object-oriented programming. The syntax and semantics of the Java™ language are addressed, as well as related topics which include object-oriented programming concepts, terminology, and notation. This class requires the Java 2 Platform Development Kit, Standard Edition.

This undergraduate-level course is 9 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Java Basics

  • Demonstrate how to create and use classes, methods, instance variables, and objects.
  • Explain the benefit of having basic programming knowledge.


  • Discuss the use of GUIs.
  • Implement a GUI using Swing components to allow user interaction with a Java application.

Arrays and Exception Handling

  • Discuss the concept and use of arrays.
  • Create a GUI-based application.

Control Statements

  • Execute control statements found in Java.
  • Formulate algorithms using the process of top down, stepwise refinement.
  • Implement the various types of operators in Java.
  • Apply commands to detect, indicate, and handle exceptions.

Methods, Classes, Objects

  • Use Math class and common Java API packages.
  • Employ a constructor to initialize an object.
  • Explain the use of methods that have more than one parameter.


  • Explain a typical Java development environment.
  • Create, compile, and execute a basic Java program.
  • Recognize basic object technology concepts.
  • Define the feature of inheritance.

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Summarize the relationship between superclasses and subclasses.
  • Develop superclasses and subclasses that implement polymorphism.
  • Demonstrate how to declare, create, initialize, and manipulate arrays.

Files and Streams

  • Use the file access and file processing methods to manage data.
  • Use Graphics2D class methods to produce and manipulate basic shapes and lines.

Java Programming Applications

  • Determine how Java programming is used in web-based applications.
  • Implement searching and sorting capabilities into a Java application.
  • Use the input/output stream class to create, read, write, and update files.

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