Computer Hardware Fundamentals – it280 (3 credits)

This course is an introduction to computer support fundamentals of personal computer (PC) hardware architecture, components, networking, configuration, upgrading, and repair.

This undergraduate-level course is 9 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Introducing Fundamentals of Personal Computer Hardware and Maintenance

  • Identify components of a personal computer.
  • Recognize best practices of computer hardware maintenance.
  • Identify computer-related safety and environmental issues.

Motherboards and Form Factors

  • Outline steps for choosing and installing a motherboard.
  • Recognize best practices of motherboard maintenance.
  • Identify types of motherboards and form factors.

Power Supplies

  • Identify types of power supplies.
  • Outline steps for choosing and installing a power supply.
  • Recognize best practices of power supply maintenance.

Processors, Chipsets, and Memory Systems

  • Identify types of processors, chipsets, and memory systems.
  • Recognize best practices of processor, chipset and memory system maintenance.
  • Outline steps for processor and memory system installation.

Hard Drives

  • Identify types of hard drives and their features.
  • Outline steps for hard drive installation.
  • Recognize best practices of hard drive maintenance.

Mass Storage Devices

  • Identify types of mass storage devices.
  • Outline steps for mass storage device installation.
  • Recognize best practices of mass storage device maintenance.

Input/Output Devices

  • Identify types of input/output devices.
  • Outline steps for input/output device installation.
  • Recognize best practices of input/output device maintenance.

Multimedia Devices

  • Identify types of multimedia devices.
  • Outline steps for multimedia device installation.
  • Recognize best practices of multimedia device maintenance.

The Future of Personal Computers

  • Explain the effects of advancing technology on personal computers.
  • Develop procedures for computer hardware maintenance.

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