Teaching Methods: Elementary Language Arts – med552 (3 credits)

This course explores theories, models, and strategies for teaching and learning language arts in the elementary school. Participants explore and apply strategies for teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Technology and assessment in language arts is also examined.

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Teaching and Learning Language Arts

  • Determine appropriate strategies and best practices for teaching language arts.
  • Analyze the influence of instructional approaches for integrating language arts.
  • Identify technology resources as tools for teaching language arts.
  • Analyze the implications of language learning and culture.

Teaching Reading Fundamentals

  • Describe strategies to foster children's interest in literacy.
  • Integrate aesthetic and efferent reading across the curriculum.
  • Apply the fundamentals of the reading process to teaching reading.
  • Examine strategies for building students' vocabulary.

Teaching Writing Fundamentals

  • Demonstrate how to teach the writing process.
  • Examine strategies for teaching spelling, grammar, and handwriting.
  • Analyze the connection between reading and writing.

Listening and Speaking in the Classroom

  • Identify methods used to adapt effective listening techniques.
  • Differentiate among aesthetic, efferent, and critical listening.
  • Explain the purpose of effective speaking.
  • Analyze the use of oral language as a learning tool.
  • Apply strategies on using speech and listening as a learning tool in the classroom.

Assessing Language Arts

  • Compare assessment tools in language arts.
  • Develop differentiated instruction in language arts.
  • Evaluate methods of monitoring student's progress in language arts


  • All objectives apply.

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