Teaching Methods: Secondary Art – med561 (3 credits)

This course is designed to explore secondary art instruction. Participants learn to create relevant art lesson plans and assessments for diverse learners. Analyzing art, incorporating art from diverse perspectives, using technology for art instruction, and managing art activities in the classroom is also explored.

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Conceptual, Cultural, and Historical Foundations

  • Analyze the curricular structure of comprehensive art education.
  • Discuss the social construction of art history.
  • Examine the cultural content of art.

Authentic Art Instruction and Assessment

  • Design art lesson plans that meet national and state standards.
  • Create lesson plans to teach diverse perspectives in art.
  • Identify methods to modify lesson plans and meet diverse learner needs.
  • Develop assessments for secondary art projects.

Making Art

  • Discuss making art for meaning.
  • Explore making art as symbolic communication.
  • Examine qualitative instruction in making art.

Art Analysis

  • Analyze art using an art criticism model.
  • Develop clear guidelines for secondary students to use when analyzing art.

Art Classroom Management and Technologies

  • Identify classroom management methods for the art classroom.
  • Identify technological tools and resources for art instruction.


  • All objectives apply.

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