Teaching Methods: Secondary Technology – med566 (3 credits)

The primary focus of this course is the integration of educational technology, particularly the identification of instructional technology to support student learning in a secondary setting.  Participants explore, evaluate, select, and integrate the most effective forms of technology resources for student achievement. Another emphasis is on the role of the teacher as a technology leader.

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Foundations of Educational Technology

  • Summarize the copyright and Fair Use laws relevant to education.
  • Identify the national technology standards.
  • Contrast technology and media.
  • Differentiate educational technology and instructional technology.
  • Describe the key components of 21st century learning, including distance learning.
  • Define the issues shaping the use of technology in education.

Technology Resources

  • Describe the changing role of the media center.
  • Identify the differences between the one-room computer, a multiple-computer classroom, laptop carts, and computer laboratories.
  • List the advantages and limitations of integrating free and inexpensive materials.
  • Analyze appropriate technology for learning.
  • Determine possible roles for games and simulations in teaching and learning.
  • Determine possible roles for social media in teaching and learning.

Educational and Instructional Technology

  • Differentiate between teacher centered and learner centered strategies.
  • Apply the ASSURE and TIP models of technology integration.
  • Identify Web 2.0 resources that assist learning.
  • Locate technology research tools to foster student learning.
  • Use educational technology for planning, organizing, and collecting data.
  • Use educational technology for administrative purposes.
  • Determine strategies for supporting ELL with technology.
  • Determine strategies for supporting special needs students with technology.

Teacher as Technology Leader

  • Explain processes to acquire technology appropriate for classroom settings.
  • Determine opportunities to implement technology that influences student achievement.
  • Recommend ways to collaborate for better use of technology.
  • Model ethical behavior in the use of technology.

Technology Integration

  • Incorporate technology across the curriculum.
  • Asses technology for effectiveness, efficiency and engagement.


  • All objectives apply.

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