Teaching Methods: Elementary Science – med554 (3 credits)

This course prepares K-6 teachers to develop a balanced and articulated elementary school science program that promotes inquiry. Participants discuss the evaluation of texts and reference materials, the development of hands-on activities and assessments, and the use of teacher-made materials and technology. Participants also evaluate resources for effective instructional strategies, including safety best practices.

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Safety in the Inquiry-Based Science Classroom

  • Explain teachers' legal responsibilities regarding safety in the classroom.
  • Identify federal and state legislation related to safety in the classroom.
  • Determine materials for safe inquiry-based science activities.
  • Plan for safe science experiences.

Planning for Science Inquiry in the Classroom

  • Develop effective questions to engage students in independent thinking.
  • Determine instructional methods that promote scientific inquiry.
  • Select effective methods to encourage student cooperation in group-inquiry activities.

Assessment and Technology for Science Inquiry in the Classroom

  • Identify instructional methods that integrate technology in the science classroom.
  • Design authentic assessments that promote science inquiry.


  • All objectives apply.

Using Science Inquiry in the Classroom

  • Identify the components necessary to meet standards for an inquiry-based science classroom.
  • Examine brain-based and constructivist approaches to instruction.
  • Explain instructional methods that improve science inquiry for diverse learners.

Strategies and Resources for Science Inquiry in the Classroom

  • Apply instructional best practices to promote scientific inquiry.
  • Evaluate resources for best practices that instill inquiry in science education.

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