Marketing – mkt421 (3 credits)

This course develops an understanding of the complexities an organization faces in establishing and implementing marketing strategies within both domestic and international economies. Areas of study include consumer behavior, marketing research, ethical marketing practices, products/services, branding, channels of distribution, and pricing and promotions in public and private sectors.

This undergraduate-level course is 5 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Defining Marketing and Consumer Behavior

  • Explain the marketing mix and the marketing concept.
  • Identify the key trends that are driving change in marketing practices.
  • Explain factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Evaluate the importance of personal branding.
  • Analyze how organizations build strong customer relationships and customer value through marketing.

Strategic Planning and Positioning

  • Identify the components of an effective marketing plan.
  • Conduct a SWOT and competitive analysis.
  • Apply the market research process in discovering and answering business questions.
  • Apply a segmentation model to create a target market and develop a positioning statement.

Product and Pricing Strategies

  • Explain the product life cycle and the objectives and strategies for each stage.
  • Apply a product development decision process to a new product or service launch.
  • Identify the factors that affect a firm's pricing decisions.
  • Evaluate pricing strategies and programs for setting and adapting the price of a new product or service.

Distribution and Promotional Strategies

  • Evaluate the factors that dictate which channel to choose.
  • Describe the different types of organizations that work together in a supply chain.
  • Compare the different promotional methods as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Explain integrated marketing communications.

Personal Selling, Ethics, and Technology in Marketing

  • Identify the role of personal selling in the marketing effort.
  • Analyze the role of ethics and social responsibility in marketing.
  • Evaluate technology trends in marketing.
  • Identify various digital marketing techniques and channels.

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