Curriculum Const & Assmt: Visual And Performing Arts – mte534ca (2 credits)

This course defines and provides a context for teaching and assessing students in the area of visual and performing arts based on scope, sequence, and national and state standards.  An emphasis is placed on integrating art across the curriculum.

This graduate-level course is 4 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Visual and Performing Arts Resources, Materials, and the Diverse Learner

  • Identify strategies for integrating Art into the curriculum to accommodate diverse learners.
  • Repurpose materials to accommodate diverse learners.
  • Evaluate visual and performing arts materials and equipment that are appropriate for classroom instruction.
  • Identify relevant, useful technology tools and community resources for integrating Art into classroom instruction.

Integrating Visual and Performing Arts into the Curriculum

  • Distinguish among the historical periods in the Arts.
  • Create an authentic, standards-based, production-oriented Arts lesson plan.
  • Create a variety of assessments that appropriately address established Arts-lesson objectives.

  • Examine successful planning and preparation for visual and performing arts integration.
  • Describe the importance of curriculum mapping in planning and preparation.

Integrating Visual and Performing Arts into the Classroom

  • Analyze issues of classroom behavioral management during Arts instruction.
  • Develop materials-management strategies for use in Arts instruction.
  • Evaluate authentic uses of the Arts in the classroom.
  • Create a standards-based unit of study that integrates visual or performing arts with other content areas.

Defining Visual and Performing Arts Content

  • Defend the necessity and value of visual and performing arts in the elementary curriculum.
  • Identify national and state standards in visual arts, dance and movement, music, and drama.
  • Explain the four components of quality Arts programs: criticism, history, production, and aesthetics.
  • Use appropriate vocabulary to identify and describe visual and performing arts.
  • Analyze a work of visual, musical, or performance art using the elements and principles of design.

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