Reading And Phonological Theory – mte529 (2 credits)

This course expounds upon the basic premise that systematically integrated phonics instruction is a fundamental component of effective reading programs. Students will study the relevant research and applications that support principles of sequential phonics instruction and phonological awareness and review traditional and contemporary phonics approaches.

This graduate-level course is 4 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

The Place of Phonics in Learning to Read and Write

  • Examine state standards related to phonics and phonics instruction.
  • Analyze the purpose and limitations of phonics instruction as it relates to teaching reading.
  • Examine the definition of phonics and principles of phonics instruction.

Phonological Awareness and Alphabet Knowledge

  • Identify the components of phonemic awareness.
  • Identify the introduction, blending, segmentation, and discrimination of letter sounds.

Approaches to Teaching Phonics

  • Identify guidelines and methods for phonics instruction within a comprehensive reading program.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of phonics assessments.
  • Compare and contrast the major approaches to teaching phonics.

Teaching and Learning Phonics Elements

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of theoretical and classroom contexts for phonics instruction.
  • Design developmentally appropriate phonics instruction.

Phonics and Learning to Spell

  • Identify approaches to teaching phonics that will benefit reading, writing, and spelling.
  • Describe phonological processing, visual processing, and word knowledge as three dimensions of becoming a good speller.

The History and Controversy of Reading and Phonics Instruction

  • Examine the historical trends of reading and phonics instruction.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the issues surrounding phonics instruction.

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