Survey Of Mathematics I –


(3 credits)

This is the first course of a two-part course sequence presenting a survey of mathematics. This course addresses the conceptual framework for mathematics. The focus of this course is on real number properties, patterns, operations, and algebraic reasoning and problem solving.
This undergraduate-level course is weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Standards and Professional Organizations

  • Examine the role of professional mathematics organizations.
  • Describe the standards and principles of mathematics as taught in K-12 schools.

Real Numbers and Applications

  • Solve ratio, proportion, and percentage problems.
  • Compute with integers.
  • Compute with decimals.
  • Compute with fractions.

Numeration Systems and Number Theory

  • Apply the tests for divisibility.
  • Make reasonable estimates.
  • Compute with whole numbers.
  • Describe the interrelationship among mathematical operations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of numerical patterns, numeration systems, sets, and functions.

Algebraic Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Apply processes and strategies to solve problems.
  • Analyze change in various contexts.
  • Use mathematical models to represent quantitative relationships.
  • Represent mathematical situations and structures analytically using algebraic symbols.

Algebra Review

  • Graph linear and quadratic equations and inequalities.
  • Solve linear and quadratic inequalities.
  • Solve linear and quadratic equations.
  • Simplify real number expressions.

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