Epidemiology: Global And Public Health – nur408 (4 credits)

Epidemiology provides the basis for significant public and global health decisions. This course will explore key issues related to public and global health relevant to professional nursing practice. Through the use of epidemiology methods, students will track the natural history of a disease and identify its frequency, distribution, and cause. This course contains 50 hours of clinical experience.

This undergraduate-level course is 7 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Public and Global Health

  • Examine global health issues.
  • Examine a community emergency and the role of first responders.
  • Describe the role of public health care teams in emergency preparation.
  • Identify local, state, and national resources in providing public health.

Epidemiology Methods

  • Apply the principles of epidemiology to disease in vulnerable populations.

Nursing Roles

  • Apply concepts necessary for managing disease in a vulnerable population.
  • Examine the roles of nurses in public health settings.

Trends and Issues in Public and Global Health

  • Identify emerging public health trends and issues.

Introduction and History of Public Health

  • Describe the history of public health.
  • Discuss the differences between public health and community health.

Nursing Roles

  • Define legislative processes as it relates to public health.

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