Clinical Integration: Nursing Management Of Family – nur467pn (3 credits)

This course focuses on the utilization of theory-based practice to manage the continuum of care required by families. Based on Orem's Self-Care Model and the nursing process, the student will complete 45 hours of clinical application that provide the framework for development of the professional roles of caregiver, teacher, and manager of care in the health care, family, and nursing systems. Clinical application provides experiences across the life span. These experiences occur in a variety of settings and address the health care needs of families. The clinical integration and application of theories and concepts introduced in the family theory course will be the focus of this course.

This undergraduate-level course is 5 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Assessment of Family Abuse

  • Identify nursing interventions used in potential/actual instance of abuse.
  • Identify the three levels of prevention of abuse.
  • Describe the indicators of potential/actual child, spouse, or senior family members.
  • Define the legal mandates related to reporting abuse.

Family Nursing Care Plan - Evaluation

  • Analyze the implications of the educational program outcomes.
  • Report the outcome of the family health education program.

Family Health Education

  • Apply the framework for contracting and working with families.
  • Using Orem's nursing model, identify a family health education need in collaboration with a family.
  • Apply principles of teaching to family health education.

Family Nursing Care Plan – Assessment and Goal Setting

  • Identify family structure, functions, developmental level, and health risks.
  • Apply principles of cultural assessment in family health care planning.
  • Using Orem's nursing model, develop a plan to meet the family's identified health education need.

Orem's Theoretical Framework

  • Demonstrate appropriate use of the nursing process for a family using Orem's theoretical framework.

Family Nursing Care Plan – Implementation

  • Apply principles of effective interpersonal communication with the family in the roles of teacher and manager of care.
  • Develop interventions based on assessments.
  • Coordinate family nurse intervention with client/family caregiver and family members.

Community Resources

  • Describe community resources available for continued health of the family.
  • Define the role of the case manager in family health nursing.
  • Identify Internet and other content resources available to families.

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