Introduction To Project Communications –


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Project managers assume many roles and being an effective communicator is an essential role. Project managers need to have excellent interpersonal communication skills, especially in today's global working environment, to successfully manage projects. This course introduces students to interpersonal communication techniques, including targeting effective messages and listening skills. Students will learn about the best approaches and common methods to use to communicate with project stakeholders. This course provides 12 professional development units in three, 4-hour workshops. The tuition for this course is $600.
This non-credit course is 3 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Introduction to Communications

  • Learn ways to deliver effective messages to targeted audiences
  • Develop active listening skills

Planning for Project Communications

  • Learn ways to effectively communicate objectives to project teams
  • Identify best practices to plan for project communications

Managing Project Communications

  • Determine the best uses for common communications methods
  • Identify strategies to manage project communications

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