Introduction To The Agile Approach – pmpdu2070 (0 credits)

Businesses are seeing the value in iterative planning and the more flexible approach to project management. Using Agile methodologies, businesses may adapt quickly to changes and new information that surface throughout a project. With the Agile methodologies, the prioritization of project or product features is based on business value and customer satisfaction. This course focuses on introducing common Agile methodologies, approaches and frameworks. Students will explain the differences between the common methodologies and the benefits that Agile brings over traditional project management approaches. This course provides 12 professional development units in three 4-hour weeks.

This non-credit course is 3 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

The Agile Team’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Explain the common roles and responsibilities of an Agile leader
  • Explain the common roles and responsibilities of an Agile team
  • Explain the responsibilities of the product owner

Communication Strategies

  • Distinguish the elements used in daily stand-up meetings
  • Compare reasons for using an open office approach
  • Determine which communication tool and technique is best in various situations

Comparing Traditional and Agile Project Management Methodologies

  • Explain the differences between traditional and Agile project management methodologies
  • Describe the commonly used Agile methodologies and frameworks

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