Technology Survival For Educators – tech503 (3 credits)

This course provides educators with survival strategies when incorporating technology into the P–12 classroom. Managing and integrating portable devices, cloud computing, and web-based applications are introduced. Participants examine basic computer maintenance and troubleshooting, personal and professional productivity, and issues regarding the safe and ethical use of technology.

This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Integrating Technology for Personal and Professional Productivity

  • Distinguish between authentic and nonessential use of technology for learning.

  • Construct effective technology assessments.

  • Develop strategies for integrating technology to improve personal and professional productivity.
  • Develop effective electronic communication with students and their families.

Integrating Technology Safely and Ethically in the Classroom

  • Summarize concerns involving the safe use of technology in the classroom.

  • Explain appropriate and ethical technology use in the classroom.

  • Identify copyright issues and ethical guidelines for integrating technology in the classroom.


  • All objectives apply.

Integrating Cloud Computing and Web-based Applications

  • Determine educational functions of basic productivity tools.

  • Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of integrating cloud computing in the classroom.

  • Compare commercial, freeware, and open source applications.

  • Create a collection of web-based resources.

Understanding Basic Computer Troubleshooting

  • Determine why teachers should possess basic troubleshooting skills.

  • Identify hardware and software components.

  • Understand how to perform basic computer maintenance.

Integrating and Managing Portable Devices in an Educational Setting

  • Identify portable devices.
  • Describe the benefits and challenges of integrating portable devices into a classroom.
  • Develop strategies to manage portable devices in the classroom.

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