Multimedia For Educators – tech504 (2 credits)

In this course, participants select, use, and design multimedia resources that enhance teaching and student learning. Multimedia categories such as still images, text, audio, video, and interactive components are explored. Participants also evaluate differentiated instructional delivery methods to promote a student-centered learning environment that meets the needs of a diverse student population. In addition, participants learn strategies for teaching students to create their own presentations. Legal and ethical considerations, such as copyright and fair use, are also addressed in the course.

This graduate-level course is 4 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Teaching with Multimedia

  • Recommend multimedia to support differentiated instruction for diverse learners and to encourage student engagement.
  • Discuss the use of multimedia in various instructional modalities, including face-to-face, blended, and online classrooms.
  • Create original multimedia projects to support teaching and learning.
  • Identify legal and ethical considerations for multimedia, including copyright and fair use.

Learning with Multimedia

  • Develop instructional activities that support students in creation of original multimedia.
  • Recommend strategies to increase academic honesty and integrity when using multimedia in the classroom.
  • Develop acceptable use guidelines to promote student safety and security when using multimedia in the classroom.


  • All objectives apply.

Overview of Multimedia

  • Define multimedia and its components.
  • Discuss various national standards as they relate to multimedia in the classroom.
  • Determine minimum hardware and technical requirements to effectively utilize multimedia in the classroom.
  • Describe a variety of software tools and apps that can be utilized in the classroom.
  • Identify possible sources of funding to support multimedia use in the classroom.

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