Multimedia For Educators –


(2 credits)

This course is designed to prepare participants with basic computer skills to design and integrate multimedia that enhances student engagement and learning. Multimedia presentation software, still images, video, and fair use guidelines are explored. Participants also evaluate delivery methods to promote a student-centered learning environment.
This graduate-level course is 4 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Multimedia as a Learning Tool

  • Describe how multimedia enhances student-centered learning.
  • Explain multimedia fair use guidelines.
  • Integrate text into multimedia to enhance learning

Components of Multimedia for Learning

  • Integrate images into multimedia to enhance learning.
  • Integrate sound into multimedia to enhance learning.
  • Integrate video into multimedia to enhance learning.
  • Integrate animation into multimedia to enhance learning.
  • Design multimedia storyboards.
  • Evaluate multimedia delivery methods.

Design and Produce Multimedia for Learning

  • Identify the scope of a multimedia project.
  • Determine the steps for designing a multimedia project.
  • Identify the roles of a multimedia design team.
  • Design a multimedia project.
  • Produce a multimedia project.
  • Integrate a multimedia project into a student-centered unit.


  • All objectives apply.

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