Introduction To University Studies – us101 (3 credits)

The essential information, skills, tools, and techniques necessary for academic success and personal effectiveness at University of Phoenix are introduced in this course. The course develops and applies practical knowledge and skills immediately relevant to first-year university students. Course topics include goal setting and working with personal motivation, understanding and using university resources, developing efficient study habits, making the most of personal learning styles, and how best to manage time and reduce personal stress levels.

This undergraduate-level course is 9 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Academic Reading Strategies

  • Explain effective textbook reading.
  • Identify strategies for improving reading comprehension.

Effective Study Habits

  • Describe your personal learning style.
  • Apply effective study strategies and techniques to your personal learning style.

Succeeding in University Writing

  • Explain the importance of writing both academically and professionally
  • Explain the importance of academic honesty.
  • Identify university writing resources.

Mastering the Writing Basics

  • Demonstrate the key elements of writing mechanics.
  • Examine personal strengths and weaknesses in writing.

Academic Success

  • Summarize classroom expectations for attending the university.
  • Identify student support resources provided by the university.
  • Differentiate between academic and casual communication.

Personal Goal Setting

  • Describe motivation as it relates to goal setting.
  • Identify strategies to sustain motivation throughout college.
  • Create an action plan based on SMART criteria.

Academic and Career Preparedness

  • Describe the University of Phoenix learning goals.
  • Apply personal and professional values and ethics to determine a course of action.
  • Identify the relationship between the university learning goals and career competence.

Exploring Your Career Options

  • Identify personal career interests, competencies, and preferred work cultures.
  • Explain the relationship between academic goals and skills, and professional goals.
  • Identify how social networking relates to career preparedness.

Time and Stress Management

  • Describe strategies for effective time management.
  • Identify stress-management techniques.

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