Foundations Of Mass Communications –


(3 credits)

This course surveys the basic theories of mass communication. Ethical and related problems of mass communication will be studied from contemporary and historical viewpoints. The course will encourage a critical analysis of the performance of mass media.

This undergraduate-level course is 9 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Print Media

  • Describe the historical and contemporary roles of print media in society.
  • Compare and contrast major publications in the print media.

Technology and the Print Media

  • Describe types of new technology that affect the print media.
  • Analyze the influence of new technology on the print media.

Electronic Media

  • Describe the historical and contemporary roles of electronic media in society.
  • Explain how technological transitions shape electronic media.

Digital Media

  • Analyze the influence of digital technology on digital media.
  • Describe the interaction between mass media, new technology, and the public.

Mass Media Messages

  • Analyze the influence of new technology on advertising and news reporting techniques.
  • Identify the role of mass media in distributing public relations messages.

Mass Media Issues

  • Analyze controversial issues in the entertainment industry.
  • Explore the effects of mass media on globalization.

Government and the Media

  • Compare and contrast authoritarian and libertarian styles of mass media.
  • Explain the interaction between mass media and government.

Law and Ethics in the Mass Media

  • Identify laws that apply to mass media.
  • Explain how laws affect mass media.
  • Analyze ethical issues in mass media.

Effects of Mass Media Messages

  • Analyze effects of mass media messages in society.

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