Chaz Grunder

Chaz Grunder

Assistant Manager, Stater Bros.

Dream BIG Recipient 2013

Chaz Grunder

"Never satisfied" Stater Bros. manager ready to tackle college


For Chaz and Stater Bros., it was love at first sight. Well, sort of. After shopping there for years with his mom, he got a job in the store as a courtesy clerk in high school. After his first shift, he said to his mom, “I can’t believe they pay people to do this!”

Chaz had been bitten by the retail bug. From the start, he loved the fast-paced environment and the competitive nature of the retail industry at large. Chaz lives by a motto instilled in him by a high school wrestling coach: "Never satisfied." Now he is applying that motto to his education, with help from the NRF Foundation, the University of Phoenix and a Dream BIG scholarship that will help him earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management.

From the start, Chaz enjoyed retail, but he didn’t know that it would evolve into his career. “I was surprised I was able to have so much fun at work. I just didn’t know [at first] that it would be my career path.” Over time, Chaz was exposed to all the different parts of a retail business, from in-store merchandising to employee development to store management. As he learned where his strengths were, he gravitated toward store management, and that’s where he hopes to apply his new skills.

In the last 12 years, Chaz has grown from a courtesy clerk to an assistant store manager who oversees 110 employees. Although he’s experienced career growth and satisfaction, Chaz knows that the scholarship and Bachelor’s degree will help him take the next step in his career. “I want to be able to analyze the business more accurately. Right now I can look at a financial statement and understand where we are, but a degree will help me make more informed business decisions.”

The scholarship will also help Chaz become the first person in his family to earn a college degree.

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