Become a College of Security and Criminal Justice faculty member

Who you learn from matters. Working in their chosen industry for an average of 22 years, our College of Security and Criminal Justice faculty members also have an average of nine years teaching with University of Phoenix. This blended experience means our students are offered an education of theory and practice from someone who has firsthand knowledge in both career and classroom.

Our faculty members undergo a robust onboarding process and work with a faculty mentor to ensure a streamlined introduction to the University experience. Aligned with our focus on the value of life-long learning, University faculty members receive continual opportunities to refine and upgrade their educational skills throughout the year. Google

College of Security and Criminal Justice faculty members work or have worked in more than 30 of the current Fortune 1000 companies. Employed by companies of all sizes across the U.S, our faculty members hold cumulative experience in areas including commander, vice president, director of security, judge, sheriff, warden and lieutenant. 

To learn more about the college and types of programs offered, please visit the College of Security and Criminal Justice hub page.

A message from the dean

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Train Students to Safeguard Their Communities

Train Students to Safeguard Their Communities

00:10 Hi, I’m Dr. Garland Williams, the academic dean for the College of Security and Criminal Justice.
00:15 I wanna take a few minutes to encourage you to become a faculty member in our college.
00:18 In our college, we currently offer three major programs: criminal justice, security management, and public administration.
00:24 Criminal justice has the full suite of programs: associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s.
00:28 With our bachelor’s and master’s degrees offering en-route certificates focused on management, security, cyber crimes, and human services.
00:35 Security management has two degrees: associate’s and bachelor’s.
00:38 Students can choose to pursue a certificate if asset protection/loss prevention, while working towards their associate’s degree,
00:45 And have the choice to pursue four different certificates: critical incident response, cyber security, enterprise security administration, and physical security operations.
00:53 Our master’s in public administration was recently revised and is aligned with NASPAA, the professional organization for public administration.
01:00 April marked the launch of our bachelor’s in public administration.
01:03 Looking to the future, we will potentially launch a paralegal program early next year.
01:07 Outside of the classroom, we align our classrooms with the industry.
01:10 Security management is based upon the enterprise security management competency model that we developed with ASIS International,
01:17 The security industry’s professional organization, and the Department of Labor.
01:21 Criminal justice is being aligned the same way.
01:23 We have sponsored the first Bridge Summit to bring chiefs of police together with community leaders to discuss community engagement.
01:29 None of this is possible without great faculty.
01:31 Our faculty have decades of experience that they bring every day into our classroom.
01:35 Because we have adult learners, our students can then use that information the next day in their jobs.
01:40 The faculty experience is incredible.
01:42 Their wealth of practical knowledge that they bring to the classroom is remarkable.
01:45 We wanna add your wealth of knowledge, as well.
01:47 Please consider teaching at the College of Security and Criminal Justice.
01:50 I appreciate your time.