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William Glassen

William Glassen is currently in his 12th year of teaching online courses in Information Technology.

Over the past 40 plus years William has held positions in three different industries, giving him a vastly different perspective on business, life and Information Systems.

Before he entered college, he sat down with his father to decide what to major in.  He was fascinated with computers and voiced the desire to major in computer science.  His father suggested a more business-focused degree, as he felt computer science was a passing fad.

After spending 14 years in banking and 12 in manufacturing accounting, William finally ended up in Information Systems.  Thanks to the unique structure of University of Phoenix, which gave him the ability to work and study, he gained his Masters in Information Technology and Telecommunications in 2003.

He taught IS&T classes in Las Vegas for four years before moving to Mississippi in 2007.

His current job is Director of Information Systems for a Caterpillar Dealership in Mississippi.  

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